Sponsor Member Benefits

The KCHA wants to thank you in advance for your consideration on being part of our organization.  Before your company makes a decision about membership, please note the numerous benefits and opportunities a KCHA membership provides.

  1. A sponsoring membership demonstrates to Kansas Counties that the success of the KCHA is important to your organization. 
  2. The KCHA website will list your organization as a sponsoring member.
  3. Your company will receive special recognition at the Spring Conference.

The KCHA consists of Kansas counties.  Kansas counties maintain approximately 115,000 miles of road and are responsible for nearly 19,300 bridges.  These numbers put Kansas counties near the top of the nation’s largest county maintained transportation infrastructure.  It is the responsibility of the KCHA to help protect the funding necessary to maintain this large infrastructure.  KCHA does this by:

  1. In conjunction with the Kansas Association of Counties, we keep a watchful eye on the state legislature who may reduce or eliminate funding for essential programs like the Federal Fund Exchange and the Special City and County Highway Fund (gas tax).
  2. In conjunction with the National Association of Counties, we are the eyes and ears in Washington D.C. keeping a look out for unfunded mandates and regulatory overreach, which will take funds away from our budgets.
  3. We work closely with KDOT in order to disseminate information to counties regarding funding opportunities like the Federal Fund Exchange, HRRR, Off System Bridge, Emergency Relief, and the list goes on.

Your services and products play a vital role in maintaining county roads and bridges throughout the state.  It is the KCHA’s role to provide the education and to protect the funding needed to acquire your services and products.  Therefore, the KCHA is a valuable organization worth supporting. 

The Kansas County Highway Association wants to thank you again for your consideration on becoming a KCHA Sponsoring member.  Your support is truly appreciated.  Please contact the Kansas Association of Counties (email and 785-272-2585) or the current KCHA president with questions.  Thank you.